30 May 2004 Michael Wyschogrod’s “Abraham’s Promise” #otdimjh  

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

30 May 2004 Michael Wyschogrod’s “Abraham’s Promise” published #otdimjh

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Michael Wyschogrod (born September 28, 1928) is a Jewish German-American philosopher of religion, Jewish theologian, and activist for Jewish-Christian interfaith dialog. During his academic career he taught in philosophy and religion departments of several universities in the United States, Europe, and Israel.


Wyschogrod has been concerned primarily, in his activism and in his scholarly work, with the relationship, especially the theological dialogue, between Judaism and Christianity. His book Abraham’s Promise: Judaism and Jewish-Christian Relations makes an appeal for a new non-supersessionist Christian view of Judaism. If Judaism and Christianity are to have a stable and harmonious co-existence in the future, then Christianity must dispense with or, at the very least, not openly insist on a status for Judaism in which Judaism is considered an incomplete or antiquated religion.


At the same time, Wyschogrod urges from the Jewish side that Jews not…

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