The Equality of Death – Article for Premier Christian Magazine


This article appears in the June edition of  Premier Magazine

The Equality of Death?

Last month I buried a woman. I had only met her two hours before she died. She was 92 years old and passed away quietly in her care home. I took the funeral at the local crematorium, which was attended by a few relatives, friends and some staff from the home. It was a quiet and unremarkable affair. Except for one thing – I got her name wrong.    I confused Janet, with her daughter Jean, who promptly reminded me that it was not her funeral!
But you know neither Janet nor Jean, or the vast majority of the 156,600 people who die every day throughout the world. On the other hand a lot of people you and I think we know have died this year. David Bowie, Terry Wogan, Paul Daniels, George Martin, Ed Stewart…

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