Classical Apologetics

By Richard G. Howe, Ph.D.,

One distinctive of Southern Evangelical Seminary is our commitment to Classical Apologetics1. To say that our apologetics is ‘classical’ is to say something about our apologetic methodology. It is to say something about how we do apologetics. It offers an answer to the question “what is the proper way for Christians to defend the truth of the Christian faith?” Our commitment to Classical Apologetics arises from what we believe about the nature of God and how He has created us in His image; including how we reason as humans and how we know truths not only about God, but about the rest of His creation.

The Biblical Basis for Apologetics

In a mild sort of irony, Christian apologists sometimes find themselves needing to give an apologetic for apologetics. We are called upon at times to defend defending the faith. There are at least three lines…

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