We Shall All Be Changed – The New Scottish – A Review



Personally I am not a big fan of the ‘Christian music’ scene and even less of Christian concerts. I’m not saying that there is de facto anything wrong with them – I’m just not keen – unless you count Bach as Christian music…! However there are some great Christian musicians out there who are using their gifts for the glory of God (not least in the St Petes praise bands!). In Scotland we don’t have a big Christian music scene, so it could hardly be called Big Business! I actually don’t know a great deal about Christian music – Lecrae and Rend Collective are about my limits.   But there are exceptions – I love the Simon Kennedy band and their real R ‘n’ B songs and sound.  Sons of Korah are to my mind streets ahead of most secular bands. And I really enjoy the New Scottish. Who they? In…

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