1 June 2009 Christology, Messianism and Jewish-Christian relations #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

1 June 2009 Tim Dean discusses Christology, Messianism and Jewish-Christian Relations #otdimjh

Jesus cannot be properly understood in isolation from this relationship [with the Father above]. Consequently, a Christology from below that concentrates solely on the historical Jesus is inadequate.However, a Christology from above that begins with the pre-existent Logos or divine Son, without demonstrating how a firm basis for acknowledging the divinity of the Son can be found in the mission and vocation of Jesus, is also inadequate. [Wolfhart Pannenburg in Greene:311/2]

[This insightful article discusses many aspects of christology and messianology, although it does not factor in Messianic Jewish contemporary Christology, or the work of Bauckham, Hurtado and Boyarin who see not reason why a Jewish Christology could not and cannot today affirm the divinity of Yeshua. It is cross-posted from Fulcrum]

Christology, Messianism and Jewish-Christian relations

by Tim Dean

For Christians down the ages, the foundational Christological…

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