IFB Memories #5: Chick Tracts


I attended an independent fundamental Baptist (IFB) church from 1983 to 1991. Back in thoseChick days it was very common to see tracts from Jack Chick Publishing in fundamentalist Baptist circles. Chick tracts were usually spread out on the information table of our church lobby, available for visitors and members. The tracts were illustrated like small comic books but there was nothing comical about them.

Tracts, comic books, and books from Chick contained information that was extremely critical of Roman Catholicism. I bought several comic books and books from Chick publishing but many of the claims appeared to be outrageously irresponsible and without any foundation. According to Chick and the mysterious alleged ex-priest, Alberto Rivera, the author of several of the publications, every calamity that ever beset Western society could be traced back to the Jesuits or a pope. This was going way too far. Unfortunately, Jack Chick’s sensationalistic half-truths hurt the…

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