2 June 1619 Buxtorf Attends a Circumcision #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

2 June 1619 Johannes Buxtorf , Christian Hebraist, Attends a Circumcision in Basel #otdimjh

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“The circumcision of 1619 is the best known incident in the life of Johannes Buxtorfl. While Buxtorf is clearly an exceptional figure and had unusual opportunities to work closely with Jews, his attendance at the circumcision and its consequences illustrate both the possibilities and limitations of Jewish-Christian relations during this period in Germany and Switzerland.” (Stephen G. Burnett)


BUXTORF, or Buxtorff, JOHANNES (1564-1629), German Hebrew and Rabbinic scholar, was born at Kamen in Westphalia on the 25th of December 1564. The original form of the name was Bockstrop, or Boxtrop, from which was derived the family crest, which bore the figure of a goat (Ger. Bock, he-goat). [Wikipedia]

After the death of his father, who was minister of Kamen, Buxtorf studied at Marburg and the newly-founded university of Herborn, at the latter of which C. Olevian (1536-1587) and J.P…

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