Let’s Take The Confession of Sins Seriously

Samaritan's Song

“Why do Catholics use priests for confession, anyway?”

That was the random question that set me out on my research yesterday.  But it wasn’t the question I ended up focused on.

For Protestants, the confession of sin is a largely individual and private ordeal.  If you’ve sinned against someone, of course, you are supposed to make amends whenever possible.  And the Bible discusses times when it is appropriate for believers to confess sins before the church.  But for your general believer?  Your run-of-the-mill liar or gossiper or slanderer or malicious thinker?

Well, we confess our sins to God in prayer on our own time.

That should be sobering.  Shouldn’t it?  To have to stand before the throne of a holy God who cannot tolerate impurity or anything less than perfection, to know you are standing on nothing more than the blood of Christ which permits the absolution of your sins…

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