Why the SNP should be for Brexit


urlSpeech given at SNP for Leave Press Conference – Dundee – 2nd June 2016

Let me begin this speech by stating that I am here in a personal capacity – not as moderator of the Free Church, which does not take a political stance, or director of Solas, or as a Dundee supporter, or a member of Dundee Chess club. I speak in a personal capacity. I am an SNP supporter and I cannot be described in any way as a little Englander or some kind of right wing Tory pining for the British Empire. I am a pro-European who is opposed to the European Union.

I have seen SNP policy change on the EU from being for leaving, to now seeing any desire to leave as almost some kind of apostasy. It is striking that in the new atmosphere no SNP MSP feels free to speak out for…

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