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5 June 1883 Death of Isaac Salkinson, translator of the Hebrew New Testament and Milton’s “Paradise Lost” #otdimjh


Salkinson, Isaac Edward, was born at Wilna, and died at Vienna, June 5th, 1883. According to some, his father’s name was Solomon Salkind. As a youth he set out for America with the intention of entering a rabbinical seminary there; but whilst in London he was met by agents of the L.J.S., from whom he heard the Gospel and was converted and baptized. [Bernstein records]


His first appointment as a missionary to the Jews was at Edinburgh, where he became a student in the Divinity Hall. He was ordained a minister of the Presbyterian Church at Glasgow, in 1859. He was then a missionary of the British Society in various towns, including Pressburg, and finally settled in Vienna (1876).


Salkinson translated “Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation” under the title “Sod…

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