Yeshua Instructs His Emissaries on Their Mission ~ Part 3

My Heart is for Israel

To Be Like Yeshua Means – To Affirm Others

In my last post, we looked at Yeshua’s instructions on where the emissaries would stay, as well as other practical tips for their training mission.  In this post, we continue to explore Yeshua’s instructions to the emissaries from Mathew 10.

Yeshua invested Himself in the development of others, particularly the Twelve.  He gave them responsibility and authority, resisting the temptation to get the job done right by doing it Himself.  Of course, He gave them adequate preparation before sending them out, and on their return He affirmed them on their successful completion of the mission.  Yeshua calls us to help other grow.  If we want to be like Him, we will share the joy and risks of working together with our brothers and sisters.

“Be on guard, for there will be people who will hand you over to the local Sanhedrins…

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