Cerone’s Travels and PhD Studies at LMU


img_4997-1It just occurred to me, dear reader, that I haven’t mentioned on this blog that the Cerone family is in the middle of a tumultuous time. We have left Bellingham—the remnant of that lost Garden of Eden—to spend a month with family and friends in North Carolina before setting sail . . . er . . . flying to Munich Germany. I have been accepted to study at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität. My first semester will begin in October, but I will be taking two language intensives before beginning. The first will be in August, and the second in September. It will be a busy time of life, to say the very least.

Nevertheless, we’re very much looking forward to this next stage, and we covet your prayers as we prepare for our departure in July. If you are interested in following our journey to Munich, you can follow…

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