Fishing for Brexit – John Macleod in The Daily Mail


Why should we leave the EU?   The following article appeared in the Scottish Daily Mail on Saturday….in  it John Macleod explains clearly why for at least one group of people, leaving the EU is essential.  In it he demonstrates how the EU works for the benefit of the powerful and against the interests of local communities.  He cites my earlier comments  from this article – Why the SNP should be for Brexit

His article is superb and is worth repeating in full.    As always John’s writing is evocative, provocative and perspicuous.  Scotlands fishermen have been betrayed by Scotland’s politicians, not least the SNP who in the 1970’s relied on them for their breakthrough in key seats.   The elites are queueing up to defend the EU because of the privileges it gives them.  They really don’t understand nor really care about the ‘have nots’ who have to bear…

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