Knowledge and Wisdom: Or, Five Gut-Check Questions For Christian Intellectuals

Samaritan's Song

The tagline of my blog makes my interests pretty clear.

Christianity.  Scholarship.  Service.  I have always loved learning and analyzing and gathering knowledge.  And participating in the intellectual life defines a lot of who I am.  It is not only my passion, but also my profession; I’m a professor who considers herself, simultaneously, a lifelong student.

I’ve been fortunate as I’ve grown up to find lots of role models in the Christian community that have helped me figure out what it means to be a Christian intellectual, or an intellectual Christian.  I’ve also grieved at the deep pockets of anti-learning and anti-intellectualism that have popped up in our modern time, as though it is anathema to be both a Christian and a learned person at one time.

With all that being said, I’ll admit it’s easy as a believer to conflate knowledge with wisdom.  They’re not the same thing!  Additionally…

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