Working Towards a Definition of Public Theology.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


Public theology tasks Christians to stand up for the oppressed, welcome the stranger (Whelan, 2014), and resist evil (Whelan, 2014). It fights segregation and discrimination (Smit, 2007: 148) while also demonstrating Christian convictions in the public square (Koopman, n.d.: 2). Just as Jesus transforms individuals on a personal level public theology attempts to transform society at a larger level. For example, Christians are to highlight the contemporary culture of mass consumerism to demonstrate its misguided desire. The more Earthly material goods we have does not factor into the equation of our eternal destinies (Ballew, 2006), hence why apologist Tim Keller dubs consumerism a “counterfeit god” (Keller, 2011: 23-24).

Public theology further illumines the reasonability of the Christian faith (Koopman, n.d.: 1) as well as interacts with the public on contemporary issues via demonstrating Christian values (Whelan, 2008). It is a non-violent form of engagement and can be implemented by acting…

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