8 June 632 Death of Mohammed #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

8 June 632 Death of Mohammed, Prophet of Islam #otdimjh

Few people have been both as influenced by and as influential on Jews, Christians and Jewish Christians as the founder of Islam, nor have had more impact through their life and teachings. For Messianic Jews Mohammed’s legacy stretches long and deep, casting a shadow over the history of Judaism and Christianity that continues to this day.

Yet Jewish people have in general been treated better by Moslems than by Christians, especially in Medieval Spain and in North Africa and the Middle East. The cultures developed through living in Islamic countries, the use of Arabic, the styles of music, food and family life continues in Israeli life today.

This short post is not the place to give a full assessment of the impact, for good and ill, of the teachings of Islam, its history, theology and contemporary challenges. The world Mohammed left behind…

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