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I just came across two volumes that I look forward to reading, or at least scanning through. The first monograph is titled Women in the Ancient Near East by Marten Stol (http://www.degruyter.com/view/product/203691?rskey=Oj489W&result=7). Simply put, it its goal is to provide a “full-scale treatment of the history of women in the Ancient Near East.”

I am also looking forward to the next monograph in de Gruyter’s SANER (Studies in Ancient Near Eastern Records) series. To quote the official overview, “This volume examines the state ideology of Assyria in the Early Neo-Assyrian period (934-745 BCE) focusing on how power relations between the Mesopotamian deities, the Assyrian king, and foreign lands are described and depicted.” I am interested in this work, Relations of Power in Early Neo-Assyrian State Ideology, for how it may contribute to our understandings of ancient Israel. Additionally, as a scholar of religion, I am interested in how Karlsson…

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