11 June Happy Saint Barnabas day! #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

June 11 St Barnabas Day celebrated #otdimjh


Prophet, Disciple, Apostle to Antioch and Cyprus, Missionary, and Martyr

A Jew born in Cyprus, who received the Holy Spirit, sold all he had, and gave it to the Twelve. He introduced Paul (formerly Saul the Persecutor) to Peter, and accompanied him on many of his travels, preaching the Gospel and converting many. Tradition says that he carried the Gospel to Milan, and was stoned (or burned) to death by a mob in Cyprus.

Sayings about St Barnabas day:

“If it rains on St. Barnabas Day, it is good for grapes.”

“On St. Barnabas Day, it is time to cut your hay.”

“St. Barnabas oft times brings a tempest” [for which the good saint is invoked against hailstorms, not least of which is a prayer to leave the growing grain standing]


Barnabas (Greek: Βαρνάβας –Heb. ‘son of encouragement’), born Joseph, was an early Jewish…

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