Was Hitler really a Christian?


Article in Christian Today

The Hitler challenge: Wasn’t he a Christian?

I confess. In last week’s column I sinned, at least against the internet gods. Does Christianity Restrict Freedom? Apologetics 101 – no.17   I mentioned Adolf Hitler, thus triggering Godwin’s Law, which states that the minute anyone mentions Hitler in an argument they have lost.

It is astonishing how many times Hitler comes up in conversation. It’s not just that people have a seemingly endless fascination with him, it’s the way that the new fundamentalist atheists have adopted ‘Hitler was a Christian’ as one of their mantras. So how do we answer this one?

Certainly not just by saying, “No he wasn’t, he was an atheist.” Nor is it helpful to shrug one’s shoulders and walk away from the discussion, as though it did not matter. Because if Hitler was inspired by his Christianity to do what he did…

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