Your Spouse Is Not a Commodity

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

As time goes by, I see a dangerous trend in relationships – the other person is used strictly for what he/she can give while the other is always on the receiving end. Relationships are not about taking. Someone once told me that relationships are not 50-50. Both people give 100%. Let me explain this a little.

Your spouse was not designed to be your cook or maid. It’s nice that one may perform those duties, but I have seen in my personal experience that together works better than solo. I know this goes against southern American traditional spousal roles, but that is man made culture. You don’t lose man points for washing dishes or doing laundry. Men just might be amazed at how their wives would respond if they did these kinds of things.

Your spouse is not designed for your personal pleasure. I’m not saying that sex…

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