Search The Scriptures —Study 0 — Introduction to 1 Peter


Study 0 From the Book of 1 Peter is the Introduction of the Booksearch the srciptures

This letter is attested very early external evidence as a genuine writing of the apostle Peter. When Peter wrote it he was ‘in Babylon'(5:13). It seems best to regard this as a reference to Rome. A probable date for the writing of the letter is AD 63.

The letter is addressed to ‘the exiles of the dispersion Asia Minor. But, though Peter was the apostle of the circumcision, and the term ‘dispersion’ was ordinarily applied to the Jews scattered among the nation, the letter itself contains clear evidence that its readers at least included converted Gentiles (1:14; 2:9, 10; 4:3, 4), who were addressed as the spiritual Israel dispersed among the heathen.

The letter had a double purpose: to comfort and encourage the Christians in a time of persecution actual or threatened; and to exhort them…

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