We Should Celebrate Robert Murray McCheyne



Letter: We should celebrate Robert McCheyne

The Courier & Advertiser 14 Jun 2016

What a brilliant piece of journalism your Impact 200 series on the men and women of Tayside and Fife who have inspired, challenged and influenced us in the past 200 years, has been.
It was fascinating to see and read about who was on it and what they did.
Such talent from such a small area of the world.
Of course, there will be arguments about who is on and who has been left off.
For example, it was good to see Rev George Gilfillan in at number four but why no mention of his more famous compatriot, Rev Robert Murray McCheyne, whose memoirs sold by the million and whose grave, even today, is visited by people from all over the world? Some people regard him as being one of the key figures in the Balfour Declaration…

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