Out! – Article in The Sunday Herald


urlOUT: By Rev David Robertson

Sunday Herald 12 Jun 2016

“Scotland free by 93” is an SNP slogan from the dim and distant past. It has now been replaced by “an independent country in an interdependent Europe”. Nice soundbite but what does it mean? It all has to do with the vexed question of sovereignty and what it means to be an independent, free country.

In Scotland it has been the mantra of the Scottish National Party for a long time that sovereignty should lie with the Scottish people.

search-2  Gordon Wilson….in a bygone era….

But now there has been a significant change within SNP thinking. The argument is for an independent Scotland within the EU because ‘sovereignty’ in the modern world is never absolute and needs to be shared. Modern Western democracies were based upon the Christian premise that only God is sovereign and that everyone else, governments, families…

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