16 June 1933 Arlosoroff Murdered #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

16 June 1933 Murder of Zionist Theorist Chaim Arlosoroff #otdimjh


The debate about who killed Arlosoroff and why continues to this day. The fact remains that the nascent State of Israel lost one of its most far-sighted and realistic political thinkers. Had he lived, a more humane Zionism typified by Ahad Ha’am, Hannah Arendt and Martin Buber might have led to a very different political landscape to that in which contemporary Israel is situated today. Can Messianic Jews provide an alternative?


Haim Arlosoroff (sitting, center) at a meeting with Arab leaders at the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, 1933. Also pictured are Chaim Weizmann (to Arlosoroff’s right), Moshe Shertok (Sharett) (standing, right) and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi(standing, to Shertok’s right).

From The Tablet

Eighty years ago this month, Haim Arlosoroff, one of the most prominent leaders of the pre-state Jewish community in Palestine, was murdered on the beach in Tel Aviv. The…

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