Samaritan's Song

Ever seen a before/after show on TV or on the internet?

The “before” image is never good.  “Before” means under-eye bags and sallow skin, or dull hair or unfortunate clothing.  “After,” though – after is spectacular.  “After” is carefully-tailored garments, a glowing complexion, immaculate makeup and perfect hair.

During these before and after reveals, credit is almost always given to the stylist, or the makeup artist, or the designer who worked the magic.  A host introduces them, standing behind the curtain or near the audience, and the beautified product of their efforts – the glorious, improved “after” – hugs them and thanks them and weeps on them.

You found me, the thinking goes.  You found how beautiful I could be under all the mess.

I have an enormous distaste for those before/after reveals, primarily because I hate the emphasis on physical attractiveness and the generic idea of what “attractive”…

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