Is it possible to be objective about the truthfulness of the copious amounts of religions surrounding us in the world today? Doesn’t the poem about the blind men and the elephant teach us that everyone is right because no one knows what the elephant truly is? Can Christians rightly claim that not only does the elephant speak, but that we truly know the Elephant?

Daniel Strange, Academic Vice Principal and Lecturer in Culture, Religion, and Public Theology at Oak Hill College, London, has written a hefty theology of religions for the Christian church. Strange says that “this is a book for evangelical Christians, written by an evangelical Christian,” (33) and especially for Reformed Christians (written, you guessed it, by a Reformed Christian).

“In your light do we see light” (Ps 36.9).

Strange summarizes the theology of religions he seeks to defend:

From the presupposition of an epistemologically authoritative biblical revelation…

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