Some Reasons Why Atheism is Logically Incoherent

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Atheist philosopher, Bertrand Russell Atheist philosopher, Bertrand Russell

  1. Strictly speaking, the proposition “God does not exist” is self-contradictory, as “God” in order to be the subject of predication necessarily exists, as indeed all things exist. The nature of the existence God is a different question entirely. In other words, the proposition “God is an imaginary being” is false but it is at least rational, so this what I think most atheists mean when they say “God does not exist.”
  2. However, this raises the question: What does it mean for something to have more than an imaginary existence? Typically, when the word “imaginary” is used it has reference to a supposed object’s capacity to be apprehended by means of one’s senses. If this is what is meant by the atheist, then this also poses a problem, for it entails a category confusion. God is not a material object, He is Spirit. Therefore, God cannot be…

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