Why I’m Leaving …



The deed is done. After reading literally hundreds of articles, books, e-mails and posts about the subject – I have finally, finally decided. I was inclined to vote out, but was not ideologically committed to it and I realized it is a big decision so I decided to spend a lot of time reading, investigating, thinking and praying. I have read and watched some excellent pro-EU material – possibly the best was Lord Heseltine (Tory) and Simon Hughes (Lib-Dem), although I was greatly impressed with a Liverpool academic whose name I have forgotten!   On the Leave side I have been really impressed with Gisela Stewart (Labour), Daniel Hannan (Tory) (his performance here was stunning –

Brendan O’Neill (Marxist), Jim Sillars (SNP) and an unknown socialist shop steward who was superb.
I’m not going to repeat what I have written elsewhere but here are the main reasons why I have voted…

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