22 June 1943 Pius XII Opposes Jewish homeland #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

22 June 1943 Pope Pius XII Opposes Jewish Home in Palestine #otdimjh


“If the greater part of Palestine is given to the Jewish people, this would be a severe blow to the religious attachment of Catholics to this land.”

“It is true that at one time Palestine was inhabited by the Hebrew Race, but there is no axiom in history to substantiate the necessity of a people returning to a country they left nineteen centuries before.”


The following letter, written by the apostolic delegate to Washington, Archbishop A.G. Cicognani, to President Roosevelt’s special envoy to the Vatican, Ambassador Myron Taylor, explains that the Pope’s willingness to help save 4,000 Slovakian children and getting them to Palestine should not be interpreted as support for the creation of a Jewish state there.

APOSTOLIC DELEGATION, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, D.C., No. 219/43, June 22 1943

Your Excellency,

In reference to our conversation of a few…

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