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As a new father, I’m looking for good material on parenting. I starting by reading a classic book on parenting by Tedd Tripp called Shepherding a Child’s HeartIn Chapter 2, he describes the shaping influences of a child which include the following: Structure of Family Life, Family Values, Family Role, Family Response to Failure, Family History, and Family Conflict Resolution.

I wanted to highlight the last portion of the chapter that deals with the “Mistakes in Understanding Shaping Influences.” Keep in mind, I am not speaking from experience (since I have none), but relaying and elaborating on the thoughts of Tedd Tripp. Here addresses two mistakes that are made in understanding the shaping influences of life:

1. Seeing shaping influences deterministically: It is the error of assuming that the child is a helpless victim of the circumstances in which he/she was raised.

2. Denial: It is the mistake…

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