Solving The Group Prayer Problem

Samaritan's Song

I’m not going to lie to you.  For a long time, I was not the biggest fan of group prayers.

These were especially common in my college- and young-adult days, when there seemed to be a perception for whatever reason that closing in group prayer was more appealing or helpful (or perhaps less intimidating) than choosing a single individual to do so. From group to group, the nature of group prayer varied, but it almost always fell into one of the following patterns:

  • The “blank space” prayer: a single individual opens the prayer, which is then followed by a period of silence wherein other believers may pray aloud, and after a certain period of time either the same or a different individual closes the prayer
  • The “popcorn” prayer: Believers close their eyes and anyone and everyone prays into the silence as they feel led, either once or multiple times
  • The…

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