Orsini’s Recent Dating of P66 & P75

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Pasquale Orsini is a respected papyrologist and palaeographer who has recently offered dates for the various papyri in the Bodmer collection: Pasquale Orsini, “I papiri Bodmer: scritture e libri,” Adamantius 21 (2015):  60-78.  In a table (p. 77), he dates both P66 (P.Bodmer II) and P75 (P.Bodmer XIV-XV) 3rd/4th century CE (which would roughly = 250-325 CE).

It is interesting that this moves the dates of both papyri somewhat later than in the earlier article co-written with Willy Clarysse:  “Early New Testament Manuscripts and Their Dates: A Critique of Theological Palaeography,” Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses 88(2012):  443-74.  In this earlier article, they dated both P66 and P75 “200-250” (Table 1, pp. 469-72).  It’s not very clear to me what may have moved Orsini to adjust his proposed dating of these two NT papyri.  It would be good to have some illumination on the matter.

In his now-classic work, The Typology of the…

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