Samaritan's Song

In our new house, the glass doors in the living room look out on a local wetland area bordered by trees and thick with tall grass. Rabbits lurk and nibble at the edges; deer parade through unconcerned in the fall and the spring; a few weeks ago I saw an extraordinarily fat raccoon rambling through.

Oh, and there are birds.

So many birds.  I see more in a day than I can properly identify, but two of my favorites are the American goldfinches and the orioles.  I’m fond of the orioles especially as they were one of the first birds I learned to identify: velvety-black, with a splash of orange wing that appears whenever they take flight. I’ve even learned to recognize their various songs.

The problem is that, along with the smaller birds – and the rabbits, and the deer, and the raccoons – we have hawks, too. …

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