Review: How I Changed My Mind About Evolution

26598233How I Changed My Mind About Evolution: Evangelicals Reflect on Faith and Science edited by Kathryn Applegate and J. B. Stump brings together the interdisciplinary voice of twenty-five respected scholars to discuss their collective change of heart on one of the most controversial issues of modern times—evolution. The contributors include scientists such as Francis Collins and Denis Lamoureux, pastors such as Kin Fong and John Ortberg, biblical scholars such as N. T. Wright, Tremper Longman III, and Scot McKnight, and theologians and philosophers such as Oliver Crisp and Amos Yong.

As the inaugural volume in the BioLogos Books on Science and Christianity series, this volume appropriately opens the conversation with a chance for the reader to listen and engage with familiar faces. Each essay is a brief and well-written account of the author’s personal journey to understanding evolutionary creation as the best scientific explanation of how God brought about diversity…

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