Brexit Throws Down The Gauntlet For Confronting Deep Social Divisions

Alastair's Adversaria

A piece of mine on the recent Brexit vote has just been published over on Political Theology Today.

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is a social earthquake that will define the next generation of politics in this country.

It has exposed the deep divisions between Scotland and England, the young and the old, London and the rest of England, cosmopolitans and provincials, non-White British and White British, progressives and social conservatives, etc. Although all of these issues were bubbling beneath the surface for some time, now we have a form of open ‘culture war’ on our hands.

The challenge that it reveals is that of finding a way to share a nation between people who have profoundly different visions about what it means to be British—or a member of one of the UK’s constituent nations—and for our destiny within the world.

Amidst the triumphalism and the recriminations, the…

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