Samaritan's Song

We don’t know a ton about the disciple Nathanael.

Scholars conjecture that the Nathanael in John’s gospel is the Bartholomew mentioned in the other gospels; “Bartholomew” translates as “son of Tolmei,” so it would have simply been another one of Nathanael’s names.  Moreover, the Gospels parallel each other in that Bartholomew/Nathanael is introduced to Christ by Philip.  But even assuming that Nathanael is Bartholomew, there’s just not a lot about him in the Bible.

The other disciples pop up in all sorts of stories, arguing and debating and avowing Jesus’ lordship and carrying on.  But there’s only one really remarkable story about Nathanial, and it is the story of His introduction to Christ.  It’s a story worth visiting for a moment.

Philip, you see, is on fire with excitement.  He’s convinced that He’s found the Savior, and he runs to Nathanael to share the news: “We have found the…

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