29 June 1106 Moses Sephardi becomes Petrus Alphonsi #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

29 June 1106 Moses Sephardi becomes Petrus Alphonsi – philosopher, scientist and polemicist #otdimjh


Petrus Alphonsi (also known as Peter Alfonsi; born Moses Sephardi) was a Jewish Spanish physician, writer, astronomer, and polemicist, who converted to Christianity. [Wikipedia summarizing Tolan]


Born at an unknown date in the 11th century in Huesca, when the city still was part of al-Andalus (Islamic Spain), he embraced Christianity and was baptized at Huesca on St. Peter’s Day, 29 June 1106. In honor of the saint Peter, and of his royal patron the Aragonese King Alfonso I and godfather he took the name of Petrus Alfonsi (Alfonso’s Peter).

Petrus was born a Jew while living in al-Andalus, and after he rose to prominence, he converted to Christianity. In his life and writing he carried the tension of dual Christian and Jewish identity with great awareness.


His environment gave him an advantageous knowledge of Christianity…

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