Don’t Resign Yourself To A Miracle-Less Life

Samaritan's Song

I normally do not post twice in a day, but today God has glorified Himself mightily and convicted me in the process, and as a result I want to share some of what I’ve learned with all of you.  In order to do that, I’ll open with a confession that I suspect I’m not alone in:

I rarely pray for miracles.

I mean, I pray for divine interventions.  I pray for things that seem like a reach unless God gets involved.  But mostly I hedge my bets.  I pray for God to do His work and to do His will and, you know, if that means a miracle, that’s awesome, but if not I totally understand because it’s all up to Him anyway. I don’t pray what I call disciple prayers.  I don’t pray God-glorify-yourself-by-doing-this-thing-right-now prayers.  I don’t pray God-I-am-going-to-tell-this-mountain-to-throw-itself-into-the-sea prayers.

I used to.  But somewhere along the way, I…

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