Hostile Forum: Mohler Stands for Biblical Convictions

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The wonders of Facebook have led me to another video that encouraged my soul in a unique way. Albert Mohler has always been a man of godly biblical conviction in my eyes and he has played a major role as God’s instrument in my spiritual development. But after watching this video, I have grown in my respect for this man.

I always knew Mohler brought a reformation to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), but this gives you insight into the theological hostility that he faced. I can’t imagine what kind of “off camera” conversations and interactions he has had since becoming president.

This is the 1993 president’s forum at Southern right after it was announced to the students that he would be the new president. Please note the nature of how both sides of the debate deliver their arguments.

The students issue many personal attacks and inflammatory remarks that…

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