The Scriptures of Saint Patrick: Introduction

Pursuing Veritas

The Context, Influence, and Form of the Biblical Text in Patrick of Ireland’s Confessio

Saint Patrick of Ireland Saint Patrick of Ireland

Some fifteen hundred years after his death, Saint Patrick of Ireland remains one of the most recognizable representatives of the Christian tradition. Beloved by Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and partaker in riotous spring-time drinking alike, Patrick’s epic propagation of the Christian faith to the people of Ireland continues to captivate imaginations and spurn missionary zeal today. Yet despite his popular fame, the historical Patrick remains a figure relatively veiled by the complexities and vicissitudes of history. This is especially true when it comes to consideration of Patrick’s views on scripture. Although it has often been claimed that Patrick was a homo unius libri[1] and that his authentic letters are steeped in the Biblical text, little explicit consideration of Patrick’s scriptural context has been undertaken. This study begins to address this lacuna by…

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