Still Feeling the Burn: Excavating an Ancient Destruction Layer

Bible, Archaeology, and Travel with Luke Chandler

My previous post featured an interesting discovery in my dig square at Lachish: a circular feature surrounded by ash, located several feet below the modern ground level. The new video below shows our progress in excavating the circular structure and the stone features nearby.

As noted in the video, the dig square contains some kind of wall near or attached to a Canaanite temple from the Late Bronze Age. (For Bible students, this is the period of the judges.) The wall contains a corner with a line of stones running into an adjacent dig square, plus a possible threshold entrance. Some kind of stone installation is also nearby. Did all of these exist together at the same time? How does the circular structure relate to the stone features, if it does at all? We still do not have these answers, though they will probably come in the next week or…

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