Defeating the Darkness – In Memory of Elie Wiesel


Today Elie Wiesel died.  A man who was for me, as for many others a phenomenal inspiration.  BBC Report of Elie Wiesel

This chapter from The Dawkins Letters  explains why the great questions raised by Wiesel and the horror of the Holocaust ultimately point to only one solution – Christ.

Letter 8 – The Myth of Godless Morality

Dear Dr Dawkins,

As a young boy I watched with fascination The World at War on our TV screens (the whole series is now available on DVD and is regularly repeated on the History Channel). One scene in particular has stuck in my mind. A group of French Jewish men, women and children were herded into a large barn by Nazi soldiers. The barn was set on fire and the Jews were given a simple choice – they could come out of the barn and be shot or they could…

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