What is 2 Enoch?

Reading Acts

“In every respect 2 Enoch remains an enigma” (OTP 1:97). Dates for 2 Enoch range from pre-Christian to early medieval.  Józef Milik thought the book was the work of a Christian monk dated the book to the ninth or tenth century A.D. based on a neologism which describes Enoch’s copying of 360 manuscripts from the Angel Vreveil (Uriel? chapter 23).  Milik reconstructs a Greek term which accounts for a mistake by the Slavonic translator. This Enochterm is found no earlier than the early ninth century, therefore the author is a Greek monk from that century (Milik, 111-112).  On the other hand, Anderson suggests elements of the book go back to the turn of the era, perhaps written by the Theraputae described by Philo (although they seem to have revered Moses rather than Enoch, OTP, 1:96). It is hard to know if the book came from Jewish or Christian circles…

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