Forgetting the Audacity Of The New Covenant

Samaritan's Song

I grew up with Jesus.

He was there in the earliest stories I heard in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  Stories from the Old Testament about Noah or Moses or Elijah were always accompanied by stories from the New, too. As I grew older and more mature, I received the teachings of the old and the new covenant, and I learned about what it meant to be under law and then under grace.

Most Christians receive their faith in this way.  It’s how we are taught.  We are introduced to Jesus, specifically, and then in a broader way to how His redemptive act works within the context of the law set up in the Old Testament.  We learn that Christ was the Sacrifice to end all sacrifices; we understand as we grow that, because of what Jesus did, the law was fulfilled in Him and we are freed in…

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