New Perspective on Paul: A Recent Reading Group Post

From Dr. Mike Heiser’s (old) The Naked Bible website, Posted By on July 9, 2011.

Although the reading group no longer exists, this post is very helpful. Be sure to follow the link below and read the comments!

Well, the Naked Bible Reading Group on the NPP has started up. I gave everyone a week to read Kent Yinger’s short book on it (The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction), and posting has begun. What follows is my most recent post. I thought it might be useful to share here.


Hopefully this will make sense (and there are no embarrassing typos).

Premise A:� We do not merit salvation – it is not something God owes us at any point.

Premise B:� Salvation is therefore extended to us by the grace of God.

Premise C:� We have to believe in this gracious offer — that it is real and true, that its Giver can deliver the goods.

Premise D:� The offer has some intellectual content that is the object of this belief (i.e., what is the thing or things I must believe in Premise C?).

Q: Does salvation stop here? Is intellectual assent / belief the only element of salvation? Is it the lone essential element?� Or, are works added?� That is, does God ask that something be done on our
part for salvation, to any degree?� If so, how are these works not essential to salvation? How is salvation then not merited? This seems to be a theological Catch-22.

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