The Doctrines of Man and Sin for Apologetics, Part 3

Apologetics for the Church

adam-and-eveThe final segment in this topic deals with the fall into sin that corrupted all of God’s creation and plunged man into guilt and condemnation.

4. Because of sin, man is completely fallen

In contrast to many worldviews and religions, Christianity believes that man is fallen and his heart is corrupt. Since the Fall into sin, every person is born with a depraved heart that will not choose God apart from the Holy Spirit’s supernatural drawing to Christ (Rom. 3:10-18; John 14:6; 6:44). In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve tried to do without God in every respect. By rejecting God’s evaluation of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they asserted their right to interpret the world as they saw fit. In the case of the forbidden fruit Eve determined that it was “good” for food, even though God declared it to be the spiritually and…

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