The Chilcot Report – A Retrospective View into an Unjust War


Its over two million words long and I have no intention of reading it.  Life is too short. The Chilcot report’s conclusions after years of investigation are not really surprising.  It is easy to be wise after the event.  Sometimes in life you have to take a stance which is unpopular and arouses a great deal of anger.  I remember when we were discussing the proposed Iraq war, that it was not a clear cut case of this is the right thing to do…and just as with other big issues (like the Scottish and EU referendums) good people disagreed.

I remember being immensely proud of the British Parliament and the debate it had – I watched the whole thing and was totally convinced by Robin Cook, my local MP in Livingston, who I had come to admire.  His principled stand and resignation from the government was one of the finest…

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