Educate me Christian: A Series on Christian Education

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Western Christianity has fallen pray to mystical ideologies. Postmodern society has influenced us to believe that Christianity is having blind faith, that ignorance is a bliss, that learning is cold and laborious. The dangers of this influences is evident. There are Christians who do not know the true Christ. There are Christians that see evil as good and good as evil concerning abortion, gun control, religious tolerance, foreign politics and wars. As Christians we are not to be ignorant or easily influenced concerning such things but we are to be knowledgeable and ready to respond in a God-honoring way.

Therefore Christians are to be learned, that we are to be full of wisdom and knowledge, first and foremost of Jesus Christ through the Scriptures and His created world. Now having an educated mind is not for pride, selfishness, and sin. We gain knowledge to be humble and sanctified. We learn…

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