Is Knitting the Cure for Road Rage?

So here we are in Australia, sitting at our log fire (it is winter and it does get cold!), musing on the news that there are Alps in Australia and that 70cm of snow have just fallen on them, when our daughter reads the following story:

I laughed out loud.  A woman sentenced to knit several items for charity as a punishment for a road rage incident?  That had to have been some wacky judge in the US!  But no, it was Dundee – Sheriff Rafferty told the defendant:

“You went in the same direction as your victim, at the very least, and then went to her car door and assaulted her. You will bring to court several items that you have knitted that you are prepared to donate to a charity shop. It will not be a meagre amount. You have committed a serious offense.”

And then we looked…

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