Prophets, Prostitutes and Politicians


I am currently on holiday and taking a break from writing.   I am due to preach at St Andrews Anglican Church in Roseville Sydney – where John Dickson is the senior minister. Usually when I come to the end of a holiday I start thinking about the situation at home, in church and country.  I try to take the long term view.  So it was interesting to read this article I wrote for the Free Church, 12 years ago.  A time when a Labour government in Scotland and the UK was a reality, not just a fancy…. It’s interesting how much has changed, and how much remains relevant.  The same story, just with different actors….but only One scriptwriter in charge!  Enjoy….

Prophets, Prostitutes and Politicians

“How are you?” is the usual question. “Fine,” is the usual answer. Meaningless conversation no.1! I once asked Joe Novenson, minister of Lookout Mountain PCA…

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